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August 26, 2021

You Don’t Need to Have a Ceremony

The Savannah Elopement Package - All Inclusive elopement in Savannah

Did you know that some of our Savannah Elopement Package couples are already married before they book their elopement? Yep! For a variety of reasons, they made their marriage “official” before coming to Savannah. And that’s totally ok, as we offer both official and symbolic ceremonies – or no ceremony at all! An officiant is part of our all-inclusive elopement package, but it’s not mandatory to do a ceremony. The couples below opted out of the officiant, but the brides still enjoyed having hair and makeup done and they celebrated their love with flowers, a cake, and photos around Savannah.

Celebrating means being with the one you love

Even though these couples were already “officially” married, they still wanted to celebrate their love in a special way. They wanted to be able to document their love story as if it was actually their wedding day! They donned fancy suits and stunning wedding gowns and enjoyed some of the traditional wedding day moments like cutting the cake.  All of our couples want to honor their love with a magical celebration they’ll remember forever, and we are so honored when a couple chooses the Savannah Elopement Package. We love making any celebration stress-free and beautiful!

Does this sound like you? Maybe you’re already married but still want a luxurious wedding day experience? We can help with that! The Savannah Elopement Package team believes that your wedding should be all about what YOU want. So let’s get you dressed up and make some stunning Savannah memories!