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May 1, 2024

Yesenia + Henry: Celebrating a Decade of Love in Savannah’s Historic Squares


Savannah Elopement Package

Celebrating a Decade of Love in Savannah’s Historic Squares

Yesenia + Henry celebrated a decade of love in Savannah with a vow renewal, marking ten years of unity. This wasn’t just a renewal; it was a celebration of ten years’ journey together!  On July 6th, they stepped into Savannah’s timeless scenery to create the wedding photos they had always imagined.

Their story began over a handshake, funny enough! Their marriage that followed in July 2013 was a testament to faith and destiny. Henry, an ER travel nurse, and Yesenia, have woven their lives together over the years. Now, they returned to celebrate their bond where cobblestones and fountains echo stories of enduring romance.

Their day began on West Broughton Street, where Yesenia’s hair and makeup were styled, framing her joy for the occasion. The flowers and cake arrived, both setting the stage for the evening’s festivities.

As the sun began its descent, the couple met their photographer, Jaclyn Armeni of Jaclyn Armeni Photography, at the Forsyth Park fountain. Their journey took them to the iconic steps of Monterey Square, Lafayette Square’s lush greenery, and the rustic allure of Factor’s Walk. Each location, a chapter in their story, was captured in the gorgeous city.

The cake cutting at their vacation rental on West Broughton Street was both a sweet finale to a wonderful day. As the photo session concluded, they looked forward to the future!

In the embrace of Savannah, Yesenia and Henry found more than just a vow renewal location; they discovered a canvas for their love, a place to capture memories a decade in the making. Congratulations to Yesenia + Henry – thank you for choosing us to celebrate with you!


Bouquet by Ivory And Beau
Hair + Makeup by Royal Makeup And Hair
Cake by Wicked Cakes Of Savannah
Photography by Jaclyn Armeni Photography