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Forsyth Park Elopement, Savannah Elopements

April 30, 2024

Katie + Martin: A Morning Elopement in Savannah’s Forsyth Park


Savannah Elopement Package

A Sunrise Elopement in Savannah’s Forsyth Park

Katie and Martin’s morning elopement in Savannah began a new chapter of their journey in Forsyth Park. Set in the early morning hours, their elopement reflected their unique story. A police chief and a prosecutor, united by love and a friend’s intuition.

Their day began at the Embassy Suites on W Oglethorpe Ave, filled with excitement! Katie’s hair and makeup looked gorgeous and beautiful floral arrangements from Ivory and Beau arrived, adding to the day’s elegance.

Forsyth Park Elegance

Their first look and couple’s photos at Forysth Park were captured in the magical morning light. Tori Bronston of Bronston Photography photographed their elopement. After their couples photos, they arrived at their chosen ceremony spot in the iconic Forsyth Park, a location synonymous with Savannah elopements. Forsyth Park is well known for its natural beauty and peaceful ambiance.

Next, under the gentle morning light, Katie and Martin exchanged vows. The park, with its lush greenery and historic charm, stood witness to their love and laughter. Following the intimate ceremony, Tori captured the joy and unity of the moment with their family photos.

Their 2-tier naked cake from Wicked Cakes of Savannah arrived at The Olde Pink House. After the photos were complete, the couple and their guests headed to the restaurant to celebrate. As their photo coverage came to a close, Katie and Martin embraced their future together.

So, in Savannah, with its picturesque squares and romantic settings, Katie and Martin found the perfect backdrop for their elopement. Their early morning ceremony was not just an exchange of vows but a celebration of a unique love story, set against the timeless beauty of one of Savannah’s most beloved parks.


Bouquet by Ivory And Beau
Hair + Makeup by Royal Makeup And Hair
Cake by Wicked Cakes Of Savannah
Photography by Bronston Photography
Officiating by Reverend Joe Wadas