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August 26, 2021

5 Things your Photographer Wants you to Know

Hey friends! It’s me, your friendly Savannah elopement photographer – and I want to share 5 things you should know about your elopement day:

5 Things your Savannah Elopement Photographer wants you to know - Savannah Elopement Package

1. Your wedding day is all about YOU

Your wedding day is only about you and your sweet fiancé – not your mom, best friend, or anyone else. Sometimes bigger weddings end up feeling a bit more impersonal with so many details and people involved – but that’s why I love elopements so much! Because elopements are unique, personal, and focus on who you are as a couple.

2.  Don’t forget to take in all the little moments throughout the day

Maybe it’s the way you feel when you put on your dress, or the look on your fiancé’s face when they see you during your first look, or walking down the aisle under the oaks. Or even after you’re married, walking around Savannah, dressed to the nines with the love of your life. We want you to really soak in those moments! The moments aren’t happening FOR a photo – the photo is being taken because the moment is happening! So soak it all up, stay really present, and the Savannah Elopement Package team handle the details and capturing those moments.

3. Make sure to laugh and enjoy your day

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or TikTok, you know I love to spend time with our Savannah Elopement Package couples as their wedding day love story unfolds. You’ve probably also noticed a lot of laughing, smiling, and all-around joy – which is my favorite part. Whether it’s a prompt I mention to make you laugh or an inside joke between the two of you, I’ll laugh along with you as I capture those moments so you can remember them forever! And with the Savannah Elopement Package, you’ll have all the elopement planning stress taken off your plate, so you can truly just enjoy your day!

4. Your wedding isn’t the best day of your life

It’s just the first day of your marriage adventure! So don’t put too much pressure on it to be a “perfect” day – just look forward to it being an incredible way to celebrate your marriage. And now that the pressure is off, you can just relax and enjoy your day – no matter what happens. (And don’t forget – if it rains on your wedding day, it’s good luck!)

5. How your day feels is even more important than how it looks

When you’re envisioning your perfect wedding day, think about how you want to *feel* on that day. Your elopement will be gorgeous (especially if you book the Savannah Elopement Package – we’ve got you covered!), but think about what would make your day feel extra special. Is it sitting on a balcony sipping coffee together, looking out on a Savannah square? Or taking a moment just for the two of you to say private vows under the oak trees in Forsyth Park? What special moments can you build into your day that feel the most meaningful to you? Those are the moments photographers love to capture the most, because they bring out the authentic emotion you’ll want to remember forever.