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April 20, 2024

Victoria + Josh – An Intimate Wedding at Whitefield Square, Savannah


Intimate Wedding at Whitefield Square, Savannah

Victoria and Josh, an Atlanta-based couple who met during college, decided to celebrate their love with an intimate wedding at Whitefield Square in Savannah. Their story is a modern fairy tale, from an online match to a beautiful life together in Atlanta.

Their elopement day started with Victoria’s hair and makeup session at the Justine Inn in Savannah, a city they had visited and cherished. The Inn, with its Southern charm, was the perfect setting for Victoria to prepare for the day.

Flowers from Ivory and Beau were delivered to the Justine Inn, adding to each gorgeous detail of their day! Their first look, a moment filled with emotion and love, took place under the majestic oaks in Forsyth Park. The park’s natural beauty provided a stunning backdrop for their couples’ photos.

The ceremony, held at 5 PM at Whitefield Square, was a true reflection of their love – simple, elegant, and heartfelt. Following the ceremony, family photos captured the joy and support of their loved ones.

The day continued with more couples’ photos at Whitefield Square, each shot a testament to their bond. Then, the celebration moved to Vic’s on the River, a venue known for its elegance and charm, perfect for their reception.

Their reception at Vic’s was a blend of joy, laughter, and celebration. As the photo coverage concluded, it marked not just the end of a beautiful day but the start of their forever.

Victoria and Josh’s Savannah elopement is a reminder that love knows no bounds. It’s not just about the grand gestures, but the small, intimate moments that truly define a relationship. Their day was a celebration of love, simplicity, and the beauty of Savannah.



Bouquet by Ivory And Beau
Hair + Makeup by Royal Makeup And Hair
Cake by Wicked Cakes Of Savannah
Photography by Apt. B Photography