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August 26, 2021

What’s Keeping You From Eloping?

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Psst, hey you…what’s keeping you from eloping?

After you get engaged, there’s alllllll these expectations about what your wedding day should look like. There’s nothing wrong with having a big wedding bash, but is it *truly* what YOU want? Or is it what your mom wants, or what your friends expect, or what you think you’re supposed to do? Whether it’s finances or family causing the frustration, there’s one thing our couples have in common – by the time they contact us about eloping in Savannah, they just want a stress-free wedding day that is still beautiful, meaningful and filled with joy.⠀⠀⠀⠀
I ask these questions because so often in this world of Pinterest and Instagram weddings, we forget to ask the couple what THEY really want. As soon as your engagement is public to the world, the questions about the details of the big day begin. All with good intentions of course, because everyone is excited! But the question I rarely hear asked is “what would make you happiest on your wedding day?” And isn’t that the most important question of all?

What COULD your wedding day look like?

So if you’re engaged, take a minute to ponder what your wedding day could look like. Would something that’s not “how it’s usually done” actually make you the happiest on your wedding day?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
And maybe eloping isn’t the right answer for you – that’s 100% ok, because this is your day! But maybe it’s having a sunrise ceremony with just your family, and a big celebration later that night. Or maybe it’s having Chick-fil-A cater your dinner, even though you booked a fancy ballroom for your reception. Or maybe it’s skipping the tradition of not seeing each other on the wedding morning! Instead you enjoy a leisurely morning sipping coffee in bed and then getting ready together.⠀⠀⠀

And if you choose the Savannah Elopement Package, we can have all your vendors covered! From hair and make-up, to your officiant, to your cake and flowers – all you need to worry about are the fun details! Picking your color palette, choosing what flavor of cake you want to celebrate with – those are the details you can focus on, and not the stressful items! Eloping in Savannah is a wonderful way to begin your marriage – stress free and totally in love!
The point is, there shouldn’t be ANY rules when it comes to getting saying “I Do” and celebrating your life together. Ditch the expectations and remember that the only people who should have any opinion on the details are you and your fiancé. Weddings are the first day in a marriage adventure! What better way to kick off your new chapter than with a relaxing celebration focused on all the things that matter most to you!