The Savannah Elopement Package is an all-inclusive ceremony package that includes 1.5 hours of photography, bouquet + boutonniere, hair + makeup, a cake, and an officiant! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy real elopements and inspiration!


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April 17, 2024

The Savannah Elopement Package – What We Do and Don’t Do

The Savannah Elopement Package is a boutique elopement package that includes photography, hair + makeup, officiant, bouquet + boutonniere, and cake! We aren’t a full wedding planner (which is how we’re able to remain affordable, woohoo!), and our couples are planning simple, low-key, stress-free elopements. But we love taking dozens of items off your to-do list, and here’s a breakdown of exactly what we DO and DON’T do for our couples:


  • We book the five vendors in the package (photographer, hair + makeup for the bride, bouquet + boutonniere, cake and officiant):
    • We book your photographer and make your photography timeline
    • We order your bouquet + boutonniere and schedule its delivery
    • You get a choice of 3 shapes + 13 color palettes with size upgrades and customization available (at an additional cost)
    • We order your cake and schedule its delivery
    • You get a choice of 33 flavors and 3 designs with size upgrades available
    • We schedule your bridal hair and makeup appointment. (NOTE: Any add-ons for other guests must be booked through the hair and makeup company and are not included in the package)
    • We book your officiant and introduce you to them so they can personalize the ceremony script. (And yes, you can bring your own officiant! We offer the option to trade the officiant for 30 minutes of photography time.)
  • If your package comes with a day-of assistant (Petite or Intimate Packages), we book them and provide them with a full playbook of your day including contact info for vendors, photography timeline, etc. They are an extra set of hands on the wedding day for you to use however you need!
  • We provide a client portal with one contract + one invoice for all five vendors (so you don’t have to keep track of five different places to sign and pay)
  • We are your one point of contact for all five vendors in your package, so you only have talk to us if changes are being made.
  • Our officiant will file your marriage license for you! Just bring a copy of it to your ceremony, and we will handle the rest.
  • We provide expert recommendations for things like:
    • Ceremony location
    • Other vendors (such as rentals, musicians, etc)
    • Local restaurants
    • Places to stay


Whether you’re eloping just the two of you or want to have your closest friends + family there, we’d love to be part of your day. Our package is designed for intimate elopements with up to 20 guests.

Classic Elopement Package

  • No guests – just the couple
  • 1 hr of photography
  • Bridal hair + makeup
  • Officiant
  • Standard Bouquet + boutonniere
  • 8” cake
  • Day of assistant NOT included – optional upgrade

Petite Elopement Package

  • Up to 10 guests
  • 1.5 hrs photography
  • Bridal hair + makeup
  • Officiant
  • Standard Bouquet + boutonniere
  • 8” cake
  • Day-of assistant (2.5 hours on site)

Intimate Elopement Package

  • 11-20 guests
  • 2 hrs photography
  • Hair + makeup
  • Officiant
  • Bouquet + boutonniere
  • 8” cake
  • Day-of assistant (3 hours on site)


Here are a few things our previous couples have done on their wedding day that we do not include in our package:

  • We do not secure the location wedding permit or book a venue for your ceremony
  • We do not make reservations for pre-/post-elopement dining (dinner, brunch, etc)
  • We do not choose or provide a rain back-up plan (We do require that you tell us what your rain backup plan will be, and we are happy to provide recommendations – but we do not provide a location as part of the package.)
  • We do not offer custom cakes
  • We do no provide a cake table or other cake cutting items
  • We do not provide any food or drink besides the cake
  • We do not book any rentals such as chairs, tables, decoration, etc
  • We do not order additional florals (but you can add more floral decor on directly through Ivory and Beau – you’d handle paying and scheduling those deliveries yourself)
  • We do not provide hair and makeup for anyone except the bride (but you can add on hair and makeup services for guests directly through Royal Makeup & Hair)
  • We do not book musicians or provide any music
  • We do not book or provide transportation (but we have some great ideas to share with you!)
  • We do not provide wedding insurance, but we highly recommend our couples get insurance! Always best to be prepared.

To see our favorite local recommendations, check out the Savannah Trip Planning Guide for more ideas!

*Day-of assistant included in packages booked after March 1, 2024; not included in our Classic Elopement Package but available as an upgrade.