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Summer Elopement in Savannah

If you are planning a summer elopement, Savannah, GA is a perfect location to consider! Savannah offers the perfect blend of southern charm and coastal beauty for a summer elopement. The city’s many gardens, parks, and squares provide gorgeous backdrops and plenty of shade under the beautiful oak trees.

There are a few things to consider when planning your elopement during the summer in Savannah…


Savannah can be hot in the middle of the day during the summer months, and we often have afternoon thunderstorms pass through. Many of our summer couples opt for early morning elopements followed by a brunch or lunch celebration, so they can beat the heat and avoid those afternoon storms. Check out Samantha + Tanner’s morning summer elopement in Forsyth Park for some inspiration!

Another way our couples beat the heat is by choosing shaded ceremony locations – such as this gorgeous spot under the oaks in Forsyth Park:

Savannah elopement in Forsyth Park

We also recommend having a second location as a backup plan for your ceremony in case of rain – and our favorite covered spot to use for smaller elopements is Whitefield Square:

Savannah Elopement in Whitefield Square


We also suggest booking a weekday elopement, so the parks and squares are less crowded. Summer is a popular time for tourists to visit Savannah, so choosing a weekday means there will be fewer people nearby during your elopement ceremony.


Choosing a cooler wedding dress is always a good decision when you get married during the summer months. Picking out lighter fabrics or going with a tea-length dress will help you stay cool and comfortable during your ceremony and photos.

tea length elopement dress


A few other tips…

Stay hydrated by bringing water bottles and other refreshments with you and taking breaks to cool down. We are always happy to plan air conditioning breaks into your elopement timeline!

We also recommend buying clear umbrellas for you and your guests (you can snag our favorites here) and hand-held fans (like this one)!

rainy Savannah elopement

Overall, eloping during the summer in Savannah can be a great experience. By being prepared for the weather, crowds, and other potential challenges, couples can focus on enjoying their special day, and creating lasting memories of their summer elopement in magical Savannah, GA.