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May 17, 2022

Hannah + Andy – Columbia Square – Savannah Elopement


Savannah Elopement Package

A Columbia Square Elopement

If you love vintage details, this is the blog post for you! Hannah + Andy incorporated SO many vintage details into their Columbia Square elopement, it was magical! They both got ready at the Kehoe House. I started with taking detail shots there and I’m so glad we did – because even if it’s just the two of you getting married without guests, your details still matter!
One of the sweetest details they included was writing their vows in vintage books and exchanging them before the ceremony! It was such a special moment between just the two of them that they’ll cherish forever. Hannah’s dress was vintage and her hair piece was SO cute and matched her dress perfectly! And just wait until you see the bouquet that Ivory & Beau created for Hannah, it’s absolutely GORGEOUS!
This sweet couple had their Columbia Square Elopement on a gorgeous, sunny Savannah day. Hannah + Andy ended up adding on more time to their elopement timeline so we could visit more spots around Savannah to take pictures! We walked around, laughed and enjoyed their elopement with just the two of them <3
Detail shots with invitation - the savannah elopement package getting ready photos - the savannah elopement package - flowers by Ivory and Beau Flowers by Ivory and Beau - the savannah elopement package First look outside of Keho House, Columbia square elopement - the savannah elopement package Vow exchange with the savannah elopement package - flowers by Ivory and Beau Columbia Square Elopement - the savannah elopement package Flower details - flowers by Ivory and Beau Couples portraits - the savannah elopement package Couples photos - the savannah elopement package Cake cutting and champagne popping - the savannah elopement package


Bouquet by Ivory And Beau
Hair + Makeup by Royal Makeup And Hair
Cake by Wicked Cakes Of Savannah
Photography by Apt. B Photography
Officiating by Reverend Joe Wadas