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April 24, 2024

Kayleigh + Thomas: A Serene Elopement Amidst Savannah’s Architectural Beauty


Savannah Elopement Package


A Serene Elopement Amidst Savannah’s Architectural Beauty

Kayleigh and Thomas, from Columbus, Ohio, chose Savannah, Georgia, for their serene elopement. Their bond, forged at University in Ohio, led them to this historic city. They were drawn to Savannah’s architectural beauty and the allure of an intimate, non-traditional wedding.

Their day began at a local residence on West 31st Street. In preparation, Kayleigh had her hair and makeup elegantly done. During this time, their flowers and cake were delivered, essential elements of a Savannah elopement.

They chose to say their vows at Forsyth Park, a quintessential spot for eloping in Savannah. Here, they kept their first sighting of each other traditional: at the aisle! This added a touch of classic romance to their day.

The 5:00 pm ceremony, nestled in the heart of Forsyth Park, was a serene affair. They exchanged vows surrounded by nature and the park’s historic ambiance. An ideal location for those who prefer a low-key wedding.

Post-ceremony, the couple and their family captured these joyous moments with photos. Then, they wandered around Forsyth Park for their couples portraits. Each location made sure to highlight Savannah’s architectural elegance.

Their day continued at another charming Savannah location, chosen for its unique beauty and character. As their elopement wrapped up, the couple was engulfed in the warm glow of the street lamps, symbolizing the end of their special day.

Kayleigh and Thomas’s choice to elope in Savannah was a celebration of their love story. Perfectly complemented by the city’s historic charm! Their day was a blend of personal desires and the enchanting atmosphere of Savannah. Thus, making it an ideal destination for couples looking for a memorable elopement experience.



Bouquet by Ivory And Beau
Hair + Makeup by Royal Makeup And Hair
Cake by Wicked Cakes Of Savannah
Photography by Apt. B Photography
Officiating by Reverend Joe Wadas